Leadership Commitment

Regional CEO - United States & South America
Frank van Schaayk - CEO

Growing Together Through Diversity and Inclusion

“We drink the local wine. We are multi-cultural and care about our people, our families, and our local community”. This long standing value guided our founders as they built McCain into the global company it is today. It continues to guide us as we extend our presence in markets around the world.

To meet the challenges facing our business today, we must harness the same strength of character that has made McCain the success story it is today. Nothing happens without responsible, talented and high performing people. Our people have been and will continue to be our greatest strength.

We know that having a diverse workforce is the right thing to do and makes good business sense. It is good business for McCain to become a more diverse company in areas as varied as purchasing from minority, female and small business suppliers to recruitment efforts, advertising and marketing. We also know that simply increasing the diversity representation across the organization is not enough; we must also create a culture of inclusion where all people feel that their unique talents and abilities are valued. I believe diversity provides us an opportunity to enhance business performance because it equips people with the knowledge and skills to improve relationships, understanding and team work.

Diversity is about respecting differences, valuing uniqueness, maximizing individual and team potential and leveraging collective talents, experiences and perspectives. When we do these things, we naturally get inclusion. This means creating a welcoming environment where people are comfortable to be who they are, it means individuals and teams are valued and sought out, and it means those differences are leveraged for greater innovation, strong connections to the marketplace and better problem solving. All of which leads to increased bottom line results. Over thirty years of research has shown that companies who effectively manage diversity and inclusion outperform those companies who do not.

As we Grow Together, our diverse base of employee contributions will allow us to win with customers and consumers, drive quality and innovation throughout the enterprise, while creating sustainable, profitable growth. Our environment will be one where people feel they are welcome, they matter and they are a part of something important.

McCain aspires to become America’s Best frozen food service company and an employer of choice. Just as we have earned the right to be considered leaders in the potato and onion industries, over time, walking before we run, we will strive to be known as the leading diversity company in the business segments in which we operate.

Frank van Schaayk
Regional CEO - United States & South America
McCain Foods

Our Commitment

We understand that diversity and inclusion are key drivers of our business success and must be actively managed to sustain our culture and competitive position. To deliver on our commitment, we will:

  • Implement strategic programs designed to connect with diverse communities so that we are positioned to attract, retain and develop employees, suppliers and other business partners;

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to enable diverse companies to supply products, goods and services to our company;

  • Promote diversity through leadership, training, mentoring and networking;

  • Train and develop our employees to seek, respect, value and leverage diversity of thought and ideas;

  • Hold all employees accountable to share in the responsibility for inclusiveness;

  • Ensure that inclusiveness is visible in management decisions and behavior; and

  • Abide by the principle that all of our relationships are based on mutual respect and growth.

Our founders infused the culture of McCain with a relentless drive for outstanding results, an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, and a true entrepreneurial spirit.

We are a team hungry for change, striving for excellence in everything we do.

Executive Messages

Executive Diversity Steering Council

McCain’s Diversity Council and Leadership Commitment

At McCain we believe a commitment to diversity and inclusion must be championed and supported by our company leaders. That’s why our Executive Diversity Steering Council, is chaired by our CEO and consists of members of our senior leadership team along with strategic subject matter experts. This is the team that leads the development of the company’s strategic diversity priorities and goals, and who work with operating management to implement company-wide initiatives.

Our Primary Focus Areas are:

  • Workforce:Attracting Talent

  • Workplace:Creating an inviting and inclusive culture

  • Suppliers:Providing equal access to procurement
     Opportunities to ALL qualified businesses