Why McCain?

Growing Together, Building on a Strong Foundation

McCain is a growing business whose success continues to build on cutting-edge agronomy, superior technology and a global workforce sharing a unique vision and culture. Our culture continues to evolve from the beliefs articulated in the McCain Corporate Credo:

Realizing that its employees are the foundation of all McCain business success, the McCain Group will ensure that high standards of performance are encouraged, maintained and recognized; that decisions are made at the organizational level closest to the customer and that the evolving need for positive change is recognized and effectively managed. - Harrison McCain

These beliefs are reflected in the people systems that connect us. Our people create our distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. They will be the final arbiter of our success and are the strength behind our brand. This is reflected in our compensation, benefits and reward programs.

Attracting, developing, deploying, motivating and organizing people to drive growth –that’s what McCain is all about. Our programs and practices are designed with five principles in mind:

  • Live our Values

  • Build Distributed and Networked leadership

  • Develop our Capability

  • Inspire Health, Safety and Performance Excellence

  • Foster a Recognition Rich and Rewarding Work Environment

At McCain we are committed to providing our employees with opportunities to learn new skills, enhance those they already possess and provide resources for growth personally, professionally and intellectually.